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A slot is a placeholder inside a web component that users can fill with their own markup see Using templates and slots for more information. The full rationale for introducing v-slot is described in this RFC.

Slot Filling Api Ai Messages Texts Hello John

Directs Amazon Lex the order in which to elicit this slot value from the user.

Api slot. For example if the intent has two slots with priorities 1 and 2 AWS Amazon Lex first elicits a value for the slot with priority 1. Minimum value of 0. The slot property of the Element interface returns the name of the shadow DOM slot the element is inserted in.

The v-slot directive was introduced in Vue 260 offering an improved alternative API to the still-supported slot and slot-scope attributes. If multiple slots share the same priority the order in which Amazon Lex elicits values is arbitrary. The slot and slot-scope attributes will continue to be supported in all future 2x releases.

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